A MOBILE art and social documentation project is coming to Barrow - and it needs you.

Pride of Place is a participatory initiative run by photographers who record and set up shop in a given place, inviting locals to then add their bit to the 'interactive portrait' the group develops of the area.

They have recently staged a similar project in West Bromwich.

For the upcoming work, the organisers are asking Barrovians to bring along an item - be it an artwork, a postcard or some form of memorabilia - that tells a story about the town.

The collective, known as the Caravan Gallery (after the venue it stages its shows in - a caravan), will be in the town's Market Square for almost a month as of next weekend.

Jan Williams, partner at the gallery, said: "The whole idea is for people to come in and share their stories.

"It's sort of like a temporary museum - one that looks to explore the town's different and often overlooked facets.

"The idea is that we can go places with this project that traditional galleries usually wouldn't be able to.

"What really got us interested in this whole thing is the contrast between the way tourist offices peddle one quite narrow vision of a place and the reality, which is obviously a lot richer and more complex.

"We really got a sense of the pride people took in Barrow when we last visited and we're hoping for a similar level of engagement over the next few weeks - even despite all that's going on right now."

The project is being run in conjunction with Signal Film and Media's West Coast Photo Festival, which is to launch next Friday.

Pride of Place will open on Saturday March 21 at the ARC Space in Barrow Market Square and will run until Saturday April 18.

The space will be open to the public from 11am-5pm, Wednesday to Saturday.