I DO worry about the trend for buying high-powered "statement" cars and SUVs.

At a time when we should be cutting greenhouse gases, these vehicles wantonly guzzle far too much fuel and pour well-above-average exhaust emissions into our atmosphere. We all need cars at times but I consider this choice of transport is mainly due to vanity or a statement of status: not good attributes to have. There are genuine exceptions for their need, but at this time of global crisis their ownership could be seen as being anti-social.

Slow-moving vehicles in our towns are contributing to the growth in childhood asthma. Car exhausts are perfectly placed to eject fumes at pushchair height; young toddlers get the full blast, so don’t sit in traffic with the engine running.

This CO2 then rises into the atmosphere and the global cumulative affect has been slowly breaking down the fragile protective shield which protects our planet from harmful solar rays. The consequences are not visible and are seemingly ignored by most car drivers, but we are putting ourselves under attack from a foe of our own making.

Electric cars are coming if you are able to afford one, but without the public infrastructure for charging batteries there are many problems ahead. The mining and production of lithium for the batteries also causes massive pollution.

It is down to all of us to think about our own particular lifestyle and the effect this may have on others, especially the more vulnerable people in society. Do not ignore this crisis; it is happening now at a dangerous level. Please listen to the children and take your own personal action to prevent pollution, right now.

Roy Wilcock