Are you washing your hands constantly for the duration of 'Happy Birthday'...twice?

If so, that's good. You're one of the many people across the world who has suddenly - and quite correctly - become ultra-conscious of personal hygiene in a bid to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Health guidelines are telling us to keep our hands clean and catch our coughs and sneezes - simple and important measures in the effort to stem the spread of Covid-19.

We have noticed, though, that some are taking more extreme measures.

As you will see on page four of today's Mail, Barrow and Ulverston parishioners have been banned from sharing the communion chalice, hymn books have been removed and priests have been asked not to bless anyone with holy water.

Meanwhile other casualties of coronavirus include players shaking hands before Premier League football games, Penrith Marmalade Festival; even (according to warning signs at a celebrity meet-and-greet) touching Peter Andre.

In some of these cases, the hygiene obsession may be going too far. Although some would say, you can't be too careful.

Our advice on coronavirus remains to take a pragmatic approach. Don't panic, follow the standard guidelines, and continue to wash your hands.