Stephen Rigg said: "It's great to have the blue passports back. We are once again a free and sovereign nation. Onwards and upwards from now on."

Gemma Elizabeth said: "Here's to a brighter future with those blue passports that won't be used for anything because no-one will have a job, or be able to afford visas and so won't be able to afford to leave the country."

Judith Tyson said: "It's quite simple. Brexit is happening whether we like it or not - we can either go with it or make the best of what some see as a bad move. The only option is for those that cant live with us being a non EU country is to go and live in an EU country before the end of the year... Simple really."

Steven Thomason said: "A passport that costs us more, that 170 British people lost their jobs for and gives us less ability to travel than its previous. So no, I can't see why anyone would be a fan really."

Maureen Woodhead said: "Yes I like the blue passports, the red look cheap."

Jon Story said: "Nope: even ignoring the Brexit stuff around it, they're darker and easier to lose in your bag. Give me a bright yellow one, ideally like a glow in the dark highlighter... Something you can't miss when stood in the customs queue trying to find the thing."

Cormac Murray said: "Passports without the same freedom of movement as before, they're great."

Scott Wilson said: "It's what it does that's important, not what it looks like."

Gail Bundy said: "Made in Poland by a French/Dutch company. The irony is not lost."

Sam Standish said: "Who actually cares."

Fbe555 said: "Blue passports with less travel rights. Freedom of movement gone."

Nosensenononsense said: "It all seems so worth it now we have blue passports."

Notfarwrong said: "Get a grip, salty remainders."

Rod Gozinyer said: "Excellent! Rule Britannia!"

Jean Fagan said: "Can't wait to get mine back."