Terry Mckenna said: "Why not just do a bridge? Obviously less expensive"

Jose Fallows said: "Ulverston wants doing as well... Trying to get prams, wheelchairs and cases to platform three is horrendous."

Caroline Leonard said: "It definitely needs doing. I was only thinking something needs to be done there the other day when I used the train to get to Barrow... It is all rusted, water running down the walls, it looks a right mess."

Barbara Stewart said: "Why not get local artists to paint a mural about Cumbria - bring in some of the beautiful countryside we have instead of spending millions on it... Pay them a wage to do it."

Richard Wilson said: "I'd rather just be on time and walk for 10 seconds under there."

Jen Middleton said: "It’s not a waste of money, it’s leaking and needs doing like most things it needs to be kept maintained."

John Kendall said: "It will be the most expensive public toilet in the area."

Craig Scott said: "Wait for the moans about trains cancelled while it’s being done."

Paul Lowe said: "Why? For the time people are actually in it does it matter?"

Carole Burnett said: "It smells shocking."

said: "What a waste of money."

NoSenseNoNonsense said: "You can imagine a Northern Rail office, somewhere in North West England; 'People in South Lakes have been complaining about the train delays and cancellations and state of rolling stock, so let's tart up the pedestrian underpass at Barrow."

Ange O'Halloran said: "We took our twins to Ulverston once in their double buggy. It wasn't easy getting it up and down the subway steps I can tell you."

Susan Thompson Crawford said: "How much!"

Caroline Leonard said: "I think it needs a lot more doing to it than just a lick of paint... But once it has been sorted out then a mural sounds like a great idea."