BARELY a week passes by without at least one story about trains finding its way onto The Mail's pages and website.

Most of the time it is negative news about delays or overcrowding.

So it makes it a nice change today as we bring you some positive news about Barrow station.

Anyone who uses the subway at Barrow railway station knows just how unwelcome and uninviting it currently is.

At night, for lone travellers and the elderly, it is not a place you want to be as you make your way under the railway line between the platforms.

The dingy and drab atmosphere could even be enough to stop vulnerable people using the railway.

Now, Network Rail has revealed it is splashing out £2.4m to convert the subway into a cleaner, brighter route for passengers to move around the station.

Inevitably, as with any work of this scale, this will lead to disruption for passengers.

Between Friday February 28 and March 2, and overnight on Saturday March 7, engineers will work to replace the passenger subway between Platforms 1 and 2.

Buses will be operating in the meantime.

It's brilliant to see Network Rail investing in the town - there is light at the end of the tunnel...