SUSPICIOUS shoppers led police to discovering cannabis inside an unused off-licence.

Passersby alerted police to a smell of the drug coming from the former Premier on Dalton Road in Barrow.

A hole was cut in the shutter as cops executed a drugs warrant at the building.

Police did not confirm how much cannabis was seized.

An investigation to find those responsible is now under way.

Michael Richardson from nearby iFix said: “Customers would smell it when they walked past and they have told me that they thought there were cannabis plants growing in there.

“You could smell it from a few hundred yards away some nights.

“I come in at 9am and leave at 6pm but that shutter has been up I have never seen anyone go in or out.

"I am not sure how they have managed to do it to be honest.

“I also share a back alley with that shop and I have never seen any movement there either so they must be going in early.

“Crime investigation were there that morning but they were not talking about it to the public.

“I am not really surprised about it though really.”

Barrow councillor Bill McEwan said: “It’s shocking.

"It beggar's belief that this happened in the town centre.

“I am just glad it has been found.Well done to the community for spotting it and reporting it to the police.”

The incident took place on Saturday morning.

A worker from The Coffee Bean cafe on Dalton Road said she was shocked by the news, however claims that she had smelled weed outside in the area before.

A police spokesman said: “Police executed a drugs warrant at a property on Dalton Road, Barrow, at about 6.30am on Saturday, February 15.

“This followed concerns from members of the public about a cannabis smell in this area.

“Cannabis was seized from the property. The property was made safe and secure following the warrant.

“Investigations are continuing. Anyone with information can contact police on 101.”

Electricity North West were also at the scene alongside police, but their role in what was going on has not been disclosed.