YOUNGSTERS at a Furness school started their half-term break after putting some romance into design and technology classes by making and dressing up in Valentine's Day outfits.

The Mail, on Monday, February 17 in 2003, noted: "Children at a Barrow school celebrated St Valentine's Day in a very inventive way.

"While most people sent cards or flowers to loved ones, youngsters at Greengate Street Junior School delivered something a little out of the ordinary to fellow pupils.

"A fancy dress parade with a St Valentine's theme took place as part of lessons for year six children.

"The 10 and 11-year-olds staged the event as part of their design and technology course."

A school spokesperson said: "The children have thoroughly prepared for this event.

"They've designed outfits from black and white bin bags and used recycled materials to decorate them.

"Shiny wrappers left over from Christmas and toffee papers have been coloured and crafted into rosettes and heart shapes.

"It was organised as part of their design course and has provided entertainment for the younger children."

In March 2002 the outfits were rather lighter as youngsters took to the water for the school's big day in the pool at Barrow's Park Leisure Centre.

The Mail, on Monday, March 11, noted: "Junior school children have been celebrating their swimming success at their annual gala.

"Pupils at Greengate Junior School have been showing off their skills at the Park Leisure Centre.

"Youngsters aged between seven and 11 were split into red, yellow,blue and green teams and competed against each other."

Greengate teacher Janine Pierce said: "We like to celebrate our success and swimming achievements.

"It was really enjoyable.

"Some of the children also got to race against our coach Shaun Uren.

"It is our most successful event with the most children ever taking part. It was all just a bit of fun."

The article noted: "Beginners swam widths and more advanced swimmers competed in lengths.

"The children swam breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke and the fastest swimmers also took part in a relay race.

"Year six pupil Grant Burns 11, won the individual swimming award."

The yellow team won the overall team competition and provided the best girls' team.

The best boys' team was the red team and all winning squads were presented with trophies.