A CINEMA boss has confirmed has fully re-opened after a leaking roof forced a temporary closure.

Charles Morris, the proprietor at The Roxy in Ulverston, has allayed any fears of structural damager after rain drops began coming through the ceiling into the auditorium.

A production of an adult pantomime was stopped early on Saturday night when water began to drop on a member of the audience.

Concerns were raised for the safety of audience members, forcing the front part of the cinema to be shut off.

Mr Morris said at the time part of the cinema was closed off as a precaution.

Mr Morris confirmed all parts of the cinema are now back up and running after the leaking roof.

“Business is back as usual with everything open again,” he said.

“Unfortunately, Storm Ciara found new places to leak through in our roof.

“Rain did come through the ventilator in the roof but everything is back in order now.”

Storm Ciara battered the country over the weekend, bringing in winds of up to 80 miles per hour.

More than 1,000 homes in South Cumbria were left without power, with Ulverston being one of the worst town’s hit.