Jon Robinson Simple and reliable. Not over-engineered with ECU'S relying on stupid amounts of instrumentation, while being built with low quality temperamental parts to a budget. Everything is going the same way. Cars. Planes. Look at the 2 brand new Boeing 737max planes falling out of the sky as one example.

Neil Sansom New trains are packed full of computers and sensors. These new Class 195s the drivers in some cases have to turn them on and off again to clear the errors. The old Pacers worked because they were basic, mechanical engineering. I'm sure the new trains will settle down in time once the glitches will get sorted out

Pam Pearson The new trains were freezing on Tuesday. Do they not have heating on them.

David Armistead Cancel contract sack the person who dealt with it, get new modern reliable in fact more reliable than the ones we have, or go back to steam

Antöny Statham Pacers are awesome.

Sam Atkinson Pacers great bit of British engineering built in Workington not the most comfortable but the Leyland 680 engine great in Trains buses wagons and coaches and still going strong after nearly 40 years

Richard Rooker It took ages to iron out all the faults with Pacers so of course they're more reliable that the new units which have only have a few minutes of fault ironing.