A FAMILY-run cafe has shut up shop after just four months in business.

The owner of Laurel’s Cafe in Market Square, Ulverston, has revealed it has permanently closed its doors due to financial and health reasons.

The Laurel and Hardy-themed cafe was set up by Claire Andrews and her 18-year-old son Harry who ran the kitchen.

Mrs Andrews, who previously worked at Cartmel Priory, wanted to utilise her son’s cooking talents by opening a gourmet cafe which celebrates the work of comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

However, Mrs Andrews found the venture particularly challenging due to her condition - hydrocephalus - a build-up of fluid on the brain which can affect cognitive function.

She said: “It was very disappointing and sad for me and my son to say goodbye to the shop.

“Unfortunately we weren’t bringing enough customers in and couldn’t afford to keep on going much longer.

“It was definitely sad to say goodbye but a relief at the same time.”

Despite their short-lived business, Mrs Andrews said she was happy the pair gave their life-long dream a chance.

“I’m proud we gave it a good go,” she said.

“We tried as best we could and unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

Mrs Andrews has returned to her former job at Cartmel Priory whilst her son, Harry, has also returned to his previous chef role.

It has been suggested the cafe will be converted into an ice-cream shop.

Another independent eatery which has recently closed was The Square, also located in Market Street.

The Square, which closed in July 2019, is now operating as a hairdressers.