A CAMPAIGN to transform Ulverston station into a step-free zone has received the MP’s support.

Tony Jennings, 53, of Ford Park Crescent, is campaigning for Ulverston station to become more inclusive by making platforms accessible to all passengers.

His campaign has received the backing of Barrow and Furness MP Simon Fell who has pledged to start a parliamentary petition for a step-free station.

He said: “If we want more people to use trains, they have to be able to access them.

"This is a good campaign and I'm very happy to support it."

Mr Jennings said he is ‘delighted’ to receive support from the newly-elected MP.

He said: “I’m delighted our newly-elected MP Simon Fell is so supportive of making Ulverston station accessible and inclusive for everyone and will do everything he can to help make this happen.

“He has kindly agreed to meet me to progress the issue.

“Simon Fell’s office has said he will start a parliamentary petition to have Ulverston station made fully accessible and step free to all platforms avoiding the Barrow crossing and steps down to the subway."

Mr Jennings hopes, with parliamentary support, he can speed up plans to make all stations step-free, which is currently projected to be complete by 2017.

He said this is 'totally unacceptale'.

“At the current rate the Access for All government funding will take until 2075 to make the railway network step free and fully accessible which is totally unacceptable," he said.

"We need action now.

“Disabled people need a fully accessible step free station to give them the freedom to travel for work and leisure like everyone else.

“When Ulverston station is fully accessible it will benefit everyone from wheelchair users to people who use pushchairs or carrying luggage or older people with mobility difficulties.”

Mr Jennings is working with local councillors, transport groups and the MP to transform Ulverston station into a disability-friendly space for those unable to use steps.