THE K2B is proving so popular that some teams may be removed soon if they do not pay their fees.

This is because the committee do not want the charities to miss out on any money.

As of noon on Saturday February 8 the Keswick to Barrow is approximately 65 per cent full whilst the Coniston to Barrow is almost at capacity.

Ian Walmsley, K2B committee member, said: “So we can keep the C2B registration open and continue to accept C2B teams for longer as we will shortly be looking to remove walkers from their C2B team if they haven’t paid the 2020 Registration fee. It is easy to pay this, just go to your dashboard.

“We will be starting to remove individual C2B non-payers on February 14, initially only from the teams that were accepted in the first week of team registration. We will then look at the second week of registration, and so on. We don’t like removing people from teams, but we think it’s the fairest thing to do all round. Nobody will be removed if they have had less than two weeks opportunity to pay.

“The team co-ordinators will be able to add non-payers back in if they are satisfied that payment will then be made. The C2B is almost 100% full now, and unfortunately, some people do register and never pay. If we ignore this, then the charities lose out.

“One of the difficult roles of the team co-ordinators is to encourage their team members to pay. Please support them.

“If you are a team co-ordinator you can check the status of each of your teams by downloading the team spreadsheet.

“At the time of writing Storm Ciara is hitting the whole of the country.

"There looks to be major impacts in many areas of Cumbria.

“It’s too early to tell if there has been any effect on the route. The Committee will be liaising with the relevant authorities over the next few days to understand if there is any impact and we will keep all participants up to date via the website, social media and this column.

“The early bird discount runs to the end of this month. The entry cost will then rise from £10 to £20.”