A small Cumbrian waterproof manufacturer has teamed up with a children’s clothing brand to create a new range of outdoor wear.

Mountain Method, based on Millom’s Devonshire Road Industrial Estate, is collaborating with Kidunk, in Kendal, to produce its range of children’s waterproof clothing.

Fiona Butcher, who runs Mountain Method, said it was exciting to be working with another small Cumbrian business.

The company was first set up by Fiona’s dad in the 1970s and has been based in Millom since 1981.

Fiona took over running the business in 1996 after her father died.

“It was set up by my dad who did a lot of mountaineering and couldn’t get the gear that he wanted,” said Fiona.

“So started making the gear that he needed himself.

“We do a lot of clothing for outdoor education centres and schools - that’s our core business.

“We also work with companies that want specific things made in small quantities.”

As well as this, Mountain Method makes fabric for use in campervans and prototypes designs for other people.

It also sells its own brand products via its website.

Fiona says as a small company it is difficult to compete with large clothing brands sourcing their goods from large offshore manufacturers and it is essential to find a specific target market.

“We are in a very niche market,” she said.

“British manufacturing is expensive, so unless you’ve got a niche market it can be very difficult to do.”

Fiona and her two employees do the bulk of the work in house.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a local brand and design,” she said.

“We’ve been making waterproofs for children for many years. But this concept is new and exciting.”

Lisa Joyce, founder and designer at Kidunk, said she met Fiona at one of the Cumbria Innovations Platform events run at Lancaster University.

They worked together to develop the waterproof range, which has been named ‘Mizzle’ in homage to the saturating Cumbrian weather that inspired it.

The range was launched on Friday Feb 7 and sold out in a few days.

“I think it just shows the appetite for really good quality products,” said Lisa.

“I am really proud of the range.

“It is very simple, but it gives parents a really robust Cumbria-proof piece of clothing.

“The people who make these garments at Mountain Method have been doing it for a long, long time people like that are few and far between.”

Kidunk’s customers include boutiques in China and Japan as well as stores across Europe.