June Eccles Before reading this, I,d just found out I've to travel to Preston for a Pre-op, I feel so sorry for you as the stress of going to Preston does'nt help, I can only wish you well

Greg Rose Shocking and sadly will probably never happen at FGH under this current government.

Matt Holliday Maybe all those millions were saving not being in the EU could go to the NHS to fund this kind of thing?

Nic Robinson I have done the five weeks radiotherapy trip to Preston, then brachiatherapy at Christies and now have to attend a hospital in Glasgow, six hours round trip every two weeks for clinical trials! No matter what you have to do we should be grateful we have such treatments and support. It is impossible to provide every treatment in every area.

Lauren Smith No one wants to add to suffering, but every hospital can’t provide or specialise in everything can they. Doesn’t make it any easier but it’s just not possible

Gill Tyson The patient transport system to Preston for radiotherepy is brilliant . Also they provide accommodation during treatment for patients from this area

Dave Turnbull Could the older maternity unit not be used for radiotherapy now we have the new one open.

Maggie Pease I've used patient transport a few times to go to different hospitals, they're very efficient, going to Westmorland General when you're really ill is still too far, surely if money can be found for a spanking maternity unit can be found, a small radiotherapy unit isn't too much to ask

Lynn Currie My late husband would never been able to travel out of Barrow for chemo, he was far to ill, took him all his time to get up up to FGH

Vikki Price As someone who has experienced this in the last 12 months, the hospital transport was a fantastic service. Drivers who were very friendly and understanding. I would never not have potentially life-saving treatment just because of travel