BARROW Masons have donated more than £2,000 to charity.

The donation was handed over at the latest meeting of Hartington Freemasons Lodge, which was the final for head of the lodge for Andrew Greenwood,

The Hartington Lodge welcomed senior masonic figure Keith Kemp to Barrow Masonic Hall to receive the donation to be used for good causes.

Every masonic lodge has a number with Hartington's being 1021. The amount donated represents double the lodge number.

Mr Kemp said: “The donation will go to the Masonic Charitable Foundation which is one of the largest donors to good causes in the country. It will be put to good use and on behalf of those who will benefit from it I thank Hartington Lodge for its generosity.”

The lodge is one of five who meet at Barrow Masonic Hall and is the oldest one in Barrow having been founded in 1864.

The collar worn by the lodge master bears the name of every previous master on small engraved plates, amongst those named is Sir James Ramsden who was the head of the lodge in 1873.

When it was first formed the lodge met in the Royal Hotel on the Strand.

Following the formalities of the lodge meeting 130 members and their guests enjoyed a celebratory meal in the Fairfield Suite of the hall.