ALCOHOL can be your friend and at the same time your enemy.

It can seem to be the a key ingredient in having a good and also a substance that can make your life spiral out of control.

Teaching young people how to enjoy alcohol responsibly and how to avoid falling for the dangers it poses must be applauded.

Arming young people with the facts can help them make informed decisions.

Teenagers are in their very nature inquisitive and fearless.

Pushing boundaries and trying new things is a daily occurrence.

Learning how to recognise excessive, unhealthy drinking and what can happen if alcohol consumption becomes a problem can prepare young people for the tough realities of life.

We often believe protecting our children means shielding them from harsh realities. But with binge drinking on the increase and alcohol dependency at an all time high projects like the one being rolled out by police across Cumbria must be welcomed.

We often hear officers are forced to spend many hours of their shifts dealing with those hooked on drink and drugs.

Surely an educational programme such as this could class itself a success if just one life is saved or one young person uses the advice given?