We've all been there. At a family get together, maybe Christmas, a birthday or a christening, when someone, for some devilish reason, mentions the dreaded 'B' word.

Suddenly, battle lines are drawn. Mum and grandad voted leave. Your auntie and your nephew are staunch remainers. It's bound to get ugly, and often it does.

No one has changed their mind but everyone has lost the argument.

Well today, on the day that the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union, we can at least ask: just move on.

Before David Cameron (remember him?) promised a referendum as part of the 2015 general election, the UK's membership of the EU was very much a fringe issue. Pollsters routinely found that Europe was way down the list of issues that voters were concerned with.

Here we are, five torturous years later, with Brexit now the single hotbed issue in UK politics. It has ended the careers of senior politicians (Cameron, May, Corbyn) and ruined many a family get together. But an end is in sight.

You may be devastated, you may be elated, but one thing you must not do is gloat, or jeer, or look down on those who voted differently to you.

Today is at least the day Brexit is put to bed.

Let's hope it slinks back to irrelevance one day.