On the 31st January Britain will leave the EU, and for some it will be an extremely sad day.

The people who promoted Brexit knew that the European Project was all about bringing the European countries together after two appalling wars that devastated the continent.

Before that, countless British people died in the Napoleonic Wars, the Seven Years War, the Spanish Armada and the Hundred Years War and earlier still the Normans, the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons and the Romans.

Most of the people who instigated Brexit were educated people, they knew their history, and ignored it.

They played on the fears of the nation about immigration and exploited public dissatisfaction after the debacle of the Banking Crisis.

The people who voted for Brexit cannot be blamed for not understanding; no one can make decisions except on the evidence they are presented with.

The BBC who, in their charter, are obliged to present a balanced argument, focussed, like the rest of the media on how much Brexit would or would not benefit Britain and ignored the wider moral question of what was the right thing to do.

The Brexiteers and the media should be hanging their heads in shame instead of trying to get Big Ben rung to celebrate this national scandal.

Is it better to bring nations together or divide them?

What else was there ever to say?

Peter Fisher, Barrow