The traffic problems in Dalton should be resolved by the Highways Authority as it was them who guided councillors on planning applications and the traffic issues.

The school based in the grounds of Dowdales mansion opened in 1928 and despite numerous changes in the intervening 90 years virtually nothing has been done to improve the access.

The current situation is a accident waiting to happen with gridlock on surrounding roads blocking access for emergency vehicles and homes in the area.

Putting residents,children, and staff at risk, it a surprise that their own risk assessment passes muster.

The talk of bollards and altering parking arrangements is pie in the sky, and if changes had been made commiserate with each development we would not be in the current situation.

It appears the education authority does have provide traffic flow projections etc like others making planning applications otherwise we would not be in such a mess.

If a one way system is being considered it should be through the school estate and not in the town.

With regards to the cost again had planning rules been followed we would not be in such a calamitous state. What price if someone should lose their life?

Andrew Caine, Dalton