A NEIGHBOUR forced her way into a couple’s home and kneed a pregnant and partially-blind woman in the stomach, a court heard.

Kyle McTavish and Sam Wright had been forced to install CCTV on their home in Maple Avenue in Ulverston because of ongoing problems with their neighbour Sue Broadbent.

On the afternoon of Tuesday May 21 Miss Wright was outside in their back garden when Broadbent began hurling abuse over the fence.

Mr McTavish told the court the couple had recently put up a new fence between the properties because Broadbent had been harassing them.

“It’s been going on for a while; we also put up CCTV to capture anything she does,” he said.

“She was shouting stuff at Sam and saying she’s a bad mum.

“I told Sam to go inside and I stepped outside.

“She started yelling at me saying my name is ‘Vile’ not Kyle; schoolboy antics really.”

The court was told Mr McTavish then started to walk back inside but Broadbent jumped over the fence and tried to get inside his home.

Despite his attempts to push back against the door Broadbent made her way inside.

“Next thing I know I’m getting punched several times by Sue,” he said.

“Sam was behind me screaming and telling her to go away. I was trying to stop her from getting to Sam because Sam was pregnant at the time.”

In the scuffle 53-year-old Broadbent fell over a baby gate and landed on top of Miss Wright.

When she gave evidence Miss Wright was close to tears as she recalled the attack.

“She grabbed my hair and knocked off my glasses,” Miss Wright said.

“I’m partially blind without my glasses.

“I ended up on the floor and she fell on top of me and kneed me in the stomach. I was seven weeks pregnant with my son.”

Mr McTavish suffered a bust lip and bruising. Miss Wright was asked if she had suffered any injuries during the incident.

“It was more the psychological impact,” she said.

“I went to the hospital to check if the baby was ok but it was too early to see anything,” she said.

“I was worried the entire time through the pregnancy in case something had happened. I didn’t know if he was still alive.”

When she was interviewed by police Broadbent said she had been the victim and claimed Mr McTavish had dragged her into his home by her hair.

However, the court was shown CCTV which showed Broadbent trying to force her way into the couple’s home.

Magistrates found both defence witnesses were ‘consistent and honest’ and said the CCTV disproved Broadbent’s claims to police. Broadbent failed to show up for the trial at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court yesterday but was found guilty in her absence.

She was found guilty of two counts of assault and magistrates issued a warrant for her arrest so she could be brought to court to be sentenced.