A MUSICIAN is celebrating 50 years in the industry by releasing a new album.

Country singer Martin Smith has performed in many big venues across the UK and across the pond in America.

The grandad of 11, from Ulverston, described himself as the 'last of a dying breed of a cabaret singers'.

“I consider it my duty to continue doing this as the last one standing from my generation of country singers," he said.

“There are so many others like Bobby Rigg who have died too young. I am the last of a dying breed of cabaret singers.

“I am the only one who has been performing music for 50 years without a break from around the Furness region, that I know of anyway.”

Martin started singing initially in a six piece choir at secondary school and won various talent competitions at Butlins holiday camps.

He was performing at clubs and cabaret venues by the age of 21 as a guitar and vocalist act, which led on to him forming his own country band and creating original material.

In 1978 and 1982 he managed to reach the Wembley final of the Silk Cut National Country Song Contest with his band.

Later in 1982 he went over to Nashville in Tennessee to try his hat at the country scene in the home of the music genre and was awarded a musical diploma for finishing in the top 100 in a worldwide songwriting competition.

He later returned to the States in 2005 and 2006 which inspired him to continue his musical ambitions.

The country music lover said he believed country music was increasing in popularity in the UK and it is being played by young musicians with a more rock vibe to it, so he is adapting his music to fit the trend.

The father-of-six has had a long and eventful career and now feels it is his time to give back to his local community.

He even regularly visits care homes around the North West performing as well as writing, recording, and practising his material.

He said: “Following the advice of Jim Marshall of the British Country Music Association, and having experienced success, I have decided to go ahead and try to promote my music worldwide whilst continuing to write and record my style of music and doing what I love to do best as ‘Britain’s best kept secret’.”