Lisa Olliver said: "I can't even get a bus from west shore after 7pm? I work nights so I'm stuck. I don't know why the South Walney bus can't do a full cycle of the island at night?"

Eileen Morris said: "I have no problems with '6' Could be good to have three in a hour rather than 16 mins past and 35mins past the hour but not sure if there is the demand. Otherwise, nice and warm, good drivers, comfortable."

Joanna Brady said: "They are too costly - it costs me more to get a bus to town with the kids than a taxi. School bus fees are crippling at £120 or more per term. I’ve lost count how many times my sons bus has broken down en route and he’s had to walk or wait."

Karen Harris said: "The whole service needs looking at. Why does Walney get a bus every 10 minutes and villages only twice a day then nothing during school holidays when the kids would probably use it more? At the very least there should be a service three times a day to allow for work, hospital visiting and medical appointments. Ideally four so they can go for meals or trips to the cinema. At present Barrow are very lucky with amount of busses they have running round the town centre."

Helen R McKenna said: "Absolutely shocking service. Should be ashamed and their prices are ridiculous."

Janet Morgan said: "It’s like having an imposed curfew as there are few late buses."

Dawn Mckellar said: "The 'shelters' at the Town Hall are shocking too. Absolutely no shelter and freezing standing there in the winter."

Gaz Sim said: "Maybe if they spent less time dodging the pot holes in this town they might be more on time, why do the road from Tesco to the new lights but not the other side?"

Michael Griffiths said: "Do people not understand, each bus depot is it's own business, the amount of money it takes and passengers it carry's dictates the buses it gets. The usage of buses has been in decline for years, if you don't use them you will lose them."