ANY type of vandalism and misdemeanour should be criticised.

From the most extreme examples to a bit of paint on a wall, it is a completely pointless act by those who do not think about consequences.

But to tamper with a defibrillator is a particularly deplorable act.

The potentially life-saving device outside the Castle House Hotel on Walney was messed with by children.

Landlord Phil Irvine is rightly furious about.

Not only did they leave the device unusable, they hurled abuse at him when confronted.

That is completely unacceptable.

The pub is located near a busy stretch of the beach which is used frequently by dog walkers, children and young families.

It is a place where accidents could easily happen.

By damaging the defibrillator, these mindless youngsters' actions could have had serious consequences.

Let's hope by condemning their actions, next time they think about fiddling with something that isn't theirs - they think twice and just walk away.

You never know, it could have been their loved one who might have needed to rely on it.

And if it was your child, have a word with them before their actions escalate.