I'M WRITING to express my extreme hostility to the plan of Lowther Estates Trust to commercialise with "gentleman’s yachts" the Lake District gem that is Grasmere.

I can scarcely believe anyone with any love for the Lakes could give more than a moment’s consideration to such an appalling idea.

Grasmere is a haven of peace which is precious as it is to those who live nearby, to Cumbrian locals such as myself and to millions around the UK and the world for whom the Lake District is a treasure to be protected for ever.

The idea of anything larger than a rowing boat on Grasmere is an abomination.

Apart from the visual intrusion (which is enough on its own to condemn this plan) the questions of various forms of pollution must also been considered.

To use words like "gentleman’s yachts" should not give any credence to the idea that those using these vessels would be in some way paragons of virtue who won’t require music or will not throw champagne bottles over the side or party noisily into the early hours.

Light pollution would also certainly have an impact on the environment.

In addition, the building of access infrastructure would have a deleterious effect on the delicate environment of Grasmere.

I would implore all those who love the Lakes to write to the planning department at FAO Julie Birkett, Lake District National Park Authority, Murley Moss, Kendal, LA9 7RL to record your objections.

Roger Wilkinson