FOR many young children, the weekend is centred around football.

Across Furness, parents and friends will gather, often in the freezing cold, to cheer on young boys and girls as they enjoy a kick-a-round.

It gives them an outlet, a chance to blow off some steam and play with their friends.

But sadly, their fun has been ruined.

Last year the atrocious conditions of the council-run playing fields at Ormsgill in Barrow were highlighted by teams and players, who had to employ someone to pick up dog poo before games.

League bosses have also found large amounts of litter and broken glass on the pitches.

And now, they have called a halt to allowing children to play football on there over safety concerns.

For football bosses and players, this is a devastating development.

Why should the enjoyment of many be spoilt but the few?

One way dog walkers and litterbugs could be deterred is by installing CCTV, or a fence to keep them out.

But the council is not flush with money, and why should taxpayers have to pay out.

Instead, people need to take more responsibility for their own actions.

That is the only way this problem can be rectified - or it could be game over for young footballers.