Diane Higham All schools have these issues! I've been at logger heads with my grandsons primary since last October! I stop people and tell them not to park, I really don't care what people think of me, I'm doing it for the safety of my grandson and all the other pupils in his school! I have to admit it has helped since the police put cones around the areas they shouldn't be parking on.

Jean Caffrey Part of Cobden street was made one way because of problems at George Romney in Dalton. Things can be changed.

Siobhan Hackett You want to see by Dane Ghyll! They park on the pavement, they park on school crossings they park on other peoples drives, they park across drives, they park wherever they want! Parking officers would have a field day up here and easily make their quoter.

Leanne Longmire It’s ridiculous down there. I drove down last week and there was plenty of actual parking toward Abbey Road end but that’s clearly too far to walk.

Darren Gill Anyone living say with in a mile from school should be encouraged to walk as much as possible or stagecoach put on free buses to the schools from various points in town.

Angela McIlvogue Nothing will change the schools and police tell the public when they are going to do parking fines! Then just ask then to move.

Joanna Brady This morning outside St Columbas usual suspect parking dangerously on the double yellows preventing a safe crossing space.

Ashleigh Morton They wanna get outside the academy at school finishing time kids are going to end up getting knocked over.

Drahcir Sekots Should be no parking outside school, use your legs.