We need help to get the Jolly Dollies word out there in your area. We have a JD member from Grange but unfortunately there are no other members in her area. With your help we could be helping so many widows to find the friendship and understanding.

The Jolly Dollies Social Network for Widows website was launched just seven years ago and this amazing journey for many widows started. We have groups across the UK from Moray in Scotland down to Plymouth in the south of England and into Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are social groups who seem to fill that gap between Bereavement Counselling and wanting to get back into a social life, we have become singletons and not by choice. We need to be with others who understand completely and feel safe knowing that we have a special bond with others who have been there. How can we get back into some kind of social life?

It is a simple process for widows to become JD members via our website www.thejollydollies.co.uk go to our ‘Become a Member’ tile and follow the process to the end.

Once the joining process is completed their JD Journey begins.

Potential JD members will be placed with a JD Group nearest to them and have access to our website where members can contact JD’s across the UK, post their upcoming Group events, share their stories, shop online and so much more.

We have a monthly News letter where we keep our members up to date with JD news and post photos of JD Group events.

But the greatest benefit of being a JD member is belonging to a group of women of all ages who meet in local groups for social events organised by our members. We get together, support one another, chat and give ourselves permission to be jolly.

Please help us to help widows in your area so that our Grange-over-Sands member can find the Camaraderie and understanding that our groups can give.

Yvonne Vann, The Jolly Dollies Social Network for Widows