Australia is facing an environmental crisis of immense proportion.

A devastating one billion animals are feared to have been lost in the Australian fires.

A third of Kangaroo Island has been burned, with great worries for endangered species the Kangaroo Island Dunnart and the Glossy-Black Cockatoo and animals with smaller populations like the eastern bristlebird, the mountain pygmy possum and the corroboree frog.

Native species have been hit hard - a third of the Koala population of New South Wales have been killed, most directly by the fires.

Wombats are easily stressed and suffer in extreme heat and cannot run very fast to escape the flames.

Those that escape the flames are facing a dismal aftermath with no food or water sources.

Join us at Safari Zoo in raising vital funds for Australia.  

Safari Zoo has held Australian species for the last 20 years and everyone of us here is moved to tears by the scenes and the thought of the catastrophic effects will continue to have on wildlife, the ecosystem, and the rare and endangered species unique to Australia.

The Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) and The Rescue Collective (TRC) are actively rescuing, feeding and providing vital water supplies to the animals impacted by the devastating fires ravaging Australia. TRC and ARC are doing amazing work co-ordinating convoys, transport, resources and volunteers to drop food and provide vital water supplies to animal rescuers in affected areas.

On January 25/26, we are offering free admission to Safari Zoo to everyone who donates a minimum of £5 to our Australia fundraiser, either on the door or via our online fundraising page.

Your donation will help kangaroos, koalas, wombats, bats, and other Australian wildlife that have been affected by the fires. 

Your lifesaving donation will go to the ARC & TRC in its entirety to provide support for the search and rescue of injured animals, provide food and water for animals, and will address over time a long-term population recovery efforts.