IT is understandable that highways would raise concerns about increased traffic at Hindpool Retail Park in Barrow (page 5).

Shoppers and motorists alike will be acutely aware of the difficulty in exiting the car park at peak times particularly when attempting to turn right towards Hollywood Retail Park.

So of course any increase in traffic must be mitigated and perhaps from a wider perspective highways should already be considering altering the junction.

Preventing motorists from turning right out of the retail park, by use of a strategically-placed traffic island, and increasing the size of the roundabout at Abbey Road could be one way to alleviate the problems.

Alternatively, perhaps access to and from the retail park could be doubled by creating an entrance at The Range car park, thereby allowing motorists to use Duke Street to get to Hindpool Retail Park.

There is clearly an appetite for Burger King to return to Barrow and jobs being created and an empty unit being occupied should be encouraged.

As long as the appropriate steps are taken to prevent an increase in congestion then the new restaurant will bring benefits to Barrow.

Hopefully all parties can work together to agree a plan going forward to ensure everyone is happy with the outcome.