AS A regular visitor to Grasmere, and someone who was born and raised in the Lake District, with ancestors there stretching back over several centuries, I was appalled to learn of the Lowther Estate Trust’s proposal to moor up to 10 “gentleman’s yachts” on the very beautiful and compact Grasmere.

If allowed, the presence of these types of boat on the lake would be overbearing.

With their ability to move away from their main mooring and anchor anywhere on the lake, they would be an eyesore.

In spite of assurances to the contrary, I doubt if they would not give rise to some form of pollution (including noise).

I earnestly hope this form of further commercialisation of the national park will be rejected.

Since the designation of World Heritage status the problem of commercialisation seems to be increasing (eg off-roading, zip wires).

Surely the reason why World Heritage status was granted in the first place was because of the serenity, beauty and tranquility of the Lake District National Park?

A scheme which would generate yet further increases in traffic cannot be allowed. One has only to travel on the A591 between Windermere and Ambleside to understand how traffic congestion has increased.

The Lowther Estate Trust should concentrate its activities around its home area of Lowther Castle, where a success is being made of opening the castle and its grounds to the public.

Robert Matthews