LATER this year, World Polio Day is marked around the globe - and later this month The British Polio Fellowship marks our 80th anniversary on 29 January.

Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) affects 80 per cent of Polio survivors - a staggering 120,000 people in the UK.

This neurological condition has no cure and while Polio eradication always commands our support, thoughts must turn to the long-term care of millions of survivors worldwide who will grow up with the PPS aftermath as we have.

It is possible to live a normal life with PPS; but survivors need the right support, from management techniques to orthotics, in order to live full, healthy lives for longer.

Our experience suggests that will not be easy.

Those with PPS in the UK still wait six years for a diagnosis, which doesn’t bode well for endemic countries with fragile medical infrastructure.

The British Polio Fellowship has much to offer on how to cope with PPS and this knowledge must not be lost to survivors who inevitably follow in our footsteps - the next generation must not become Polio’s forgotten footnote.

The British Polio Fellowship campaigns for care pathways for those with PPS to access essential treatments and benefits at home and abroad.

If you want more information, contact The British Polio Fellowship on 0800 043 1935 or visit

David Mitchell, National Chairman, The British Polio Fellowship