BARROW GP Dr Arun Thimmiah from Abbey Road Doctor’s Surgery answers your questions about why you should try Dry in 2020.

Q. Why should I take part in Dry January?

A. If you are thinking about taking part in dry January – congratulations – you can make a real difference to your body - and mind!

I’m hoping you will start to feel the benefits quite quickly – taking part for the whole month can help to lose weight and cut out excessive calories. For example a pint of beer contains on average 150 calories and a glass of wine contains 170 calories.

Excess alcohol can also cause dips in blood sugar levels which can lead to increased sugar cravings. People are more tempted by fast foods and junk food after a night out drinking and this food does not get enough time to undergo proper digestion which leads to unwanted weight gain.

One the main drawbacks of alcohol intake is the dreaded hangover, or “heavy head”, which can have a detrimental impact on work performance and can reduce energy levels and mental alertness.

Cutting out alcohol during January can result in increased energy levels, and help us to start the day with increased motivation which leads to improved mental performance. This can also have the knock-on effect of feeling more motivated to go out and exercise, which can help to reduce stress levels, reduce weight and help to maintain a healthy general lifestyle.

Cutting out alcohol, especially after the festive season, can help to assist the liver in the natural detoxification process and this can therefore have an increased impact on energy levels, digestion and general health.

So there’s loads of benefits - good luck!