SEX can be tricky to talk about, especially when it involves admitting you don’t know something in the bedroom.

Understandably, many Brits turn to the internet for help with their questions.

New research by bed and mattress specialists, Bed SOS, has revealed a list of sex-related queries Brits asked Google in 2019, some of which are rather bizarre.

From toilet seat pregnancies to walking virgins, a selection of the most hilarious can be found below, divided up by category.

How to get pregnant Many searches involved Brits worried about getting pregnant in unusual ways.

● “Can you get pregnant if a boy touches your breast with his mouth?”

● “Can you get pregnant from kissing a potato?”

● “Can you get pregnant from urine on a toilet seat?”

● “Can you get pregnant from sperm in toilet water splashing?”

● “Can you get pregnant by kissing while on your period?”

● “Can hugging and kissing get you pregnant?”

● “Can sperm go through jeans and get you pregnant?”

Amorous Advice Brits also sought advice from Google, asking the questions they perhaps felt too uncomfortable to ask in person.

● “How do I find a girlfriend for me and my husband?”

● “How do I sexually arouse a 70-year-old woman?”

● “What to say to your boyfriend to make him cry?”

● “How do you check if you’re still a virgin?”

● “How do you identify a virgin by walking?”

● “How do you know if you are good in bed?”

● “Why do I sneeze when I think dirty?”

Sexual Health Finally, Brits were also interested in the benefits and potential dangers of sex.

● “Does sex count as cardio?”

● “How many calories do you burn by orgasming?”

● “How much sex does a man need?”

● “What happens if you put food up your bum?”

Danny Richmond, Managing Director of Bed SOS, said: “Some of the sex-related questions people have Googled are quite unusual, but no matter what your question is, it’s really important to chat about it with your partner.

“Being open with your loved ones, especially about sensitive topics like sex, can only strengthen your relationship.”

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