A FATHER shouted ‘I’m going to kill you’ at the ex-partner of his daughter before damaging the car he was in, a court heard.

Christopher Moody appeared before the bench at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty to causing alarm or distress as well as criminal damage.

Magistrates heard the 41-year-old had accosted Chloe Loftus and her boyfriend while at the Shell garage in Barrow’s Abbey Road at around 7pm on August 30.

According to prosecutor Pam Ward he told the pair in an expletive-laden rant: “I’m going to kill the pair of you’”.

He was said to have followed the victim’s car to the garage before he got out and approached the car and shouted at the couple.

The court heard he kicked the passenger wing mirror, which hit the door causing a dent and smashing the mirror.

He then walked to the front of the car and punched the bonnet, causing a dent and kicked the bonnet, causing a crack in the body work.

Moody was said to have then gone back the driver’s side of the car and kicked the wing mirror causing it to break.

The victim said: “I felt extremely shaken and couldn’t move my hands after the incident.”

The car was said to have have been scrapped since the damage, which ran up a repair bill of around £2,000 according to the prosecution.

The court was told Moody’s daughter had been involved in ‘an altercation’ involving the victim's boyfriend at Asda.

Moody said his daughter had called him ‘in tears’ following the incident.

Magistrates heard Moody had spotted the victim prior to the Shell garage incident driving in Barrow.

He was said to have got out his car and threatened them before leaving.

Moody, who represented himself in court, told magistrates he regretted his actions.

He also claimed he had directed his words at the man rather than the female victim.

Moody said it was in response the incident earlier in the day.

He said: “I did what any father would do when their daughter rings up crying telling you she feels threatened.

“I have had a bit of trouble with my mental health lately.

“I do regret doing it.”

He also disputed threatening to kill the pair, saying: “I can’t remember what I said.”

The defendant was sentenced to a community order, forcing him to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work.

Moody, of Beech Street, Barrow, was also told to pay compensation of £250 to the victim and was also handed down a victim surcharge of £90 and £85 in costs for bringing the case to court.

Magistrates gave him credit for his early guilty plea when deciding his sentence.