Next spring UK touring company, Ballet Theatre UK will be sharing their latest production of one of the greatest ballets of all time, Giselle. The tour comes to Barrow’s Forum on Thursday, April 2.

Giselle is a tragically romantic tale of a young girl who falls deeply in love only to be deceived, as her lover is already betrothed to another. In despair and desperation, unable to live without him, the young Gisele kills herself.

The Queen of the Wilis, along with the ghosts of young girls who died before their wedding nights, condemn the lover to dance to his death. He can only be saved by the intervention of the spirit of Giselle and the break of dawn, which force the Wilis to flee.

First performed in 1841, Giselle has never lost its popularity with audiences. It is considered to be one of the jewels in the crown of the romantic repertoire.

Featuring a full corps de ballet of 24 international dancers, along with acclaimed principal dancers, Ballet Theatre UK present this haunting classic in its full glory, set to the stunning music by Adolphe Adam.

n Gisele comes to The Forum, Barrow, on Thursday, April 2. The production starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £18/£16.50 from or call 01229 820000.