NINE weapons packages heading for Cumbria have been intercepted as part of a regional police crackdown on knife crime.

Among the items confiscated by authorities were nine flick knives, one extendable baton and two knuckle duster-knives. A total of 180 knives, swords and other prohibited weapons were seized across the North-West as part of the operation.

Two of the packages were on their way to south Cumbria addresses, while three were headed west and four for the north of the county.

Inspector Kim Brennand said: “We can confidently say that in Cumbria we do not have a specific knife culture or youth gang culture. But we are never complacent about an issue as serious as this.

“This operation has led to items being seized that no longer have the potential to cause serious harm.

“Those involved were dealt with by way of cease and desist letters as this was deemed the most appropriate and proportionate way of dealing with these matters.”