Stephanie-Ann Noblet said: Good lad Chris, I went to school with him and can vouch for him having integrity, willpower and courage. Not to mention the simple fact that 'he gets it' he is a Barrovian! Routing for you Chris!

Peter Garbacz said: Some fantastic speeches - particularly around the Green Industrial Strategy and retaining well paid, high skill jobs in the energy sector both here in the Furness Peninsula and up the coast.

Mike Stanton said: It was a great rally with positive proposals on health, education, social care and most importantly, investment in the jobs that will create the wealth we need to rebuild broken Britain.

Derek Shields said: Boris 100 percent.

Colin Small said: I would like to vote Labour then I remember who they voted as leader. If it was not for Corbyn Labour would win hands down but just to stop him destroying this country I’m afraid it’s conservative all the way.

Adam Parkinson said: Pantomime season has started in Barrow then huh.

Paul Griffiths said:Two horse race. If you still can’t decide then surely it comes down to the only local candidate who will genuinely fight for the best interests of Furness.

Mansel John said: Liking what I hear about the Labour MP although I keep hearing his dad ,brother and dog work in the yard which doesn't make a difference in reality, they might hate each other lol so he may get my vote but Corbyn will never get it .

Christina Howker-Fullard said: Good to see positive campaigning rather than mud slinging and fear mongering.

Peter Cahill said: I'll stick with Conservatives,my arms ain't long enough to reach the ground in order to drag my knuckles over it.

Rachael Huddleston said: Great to see such positivity!

Jeffrey Holt said: A week to go! Let’s do this for our kids, their education and future, for our health and NHS, for our workers on zero hour contracts.