A BULL dog has been ordered to be put down after attacking a police officer in Barrow.

Charmaine Marsden appeared in court after her white American Bull Dog injured PC Sarah Penman at her property in St Luke’s Street.

The incident took place at the 29-year-old's home on Longway on March 29 at approximately 9.15am.

The court heard PC Penman attended the property after reports two men were fighting in the street and blood had been seen on the pavement near Marsden’s house.

The officer knocked on the address, the court was told, and shouted ‘police’ through the letterbox and heard shouting coming from inside.

PC Penman then entered the front room and shouted ‘police’ again and could not see anyone except a large white dog, the court heard.

It was said the dog emerged from behind a curtain and bit her on her right forearm, maintaining its grip for approximately five seconds.

The bite punctured the skin and caused pain, bruising and swelling.

PC Penman had to get a tetanus jab and was given antibiotics for three days in order to prevent any infection.

Marsden pleaded guilty at South Cumbria Magistrates Court to being the owner of a dog, which was dangerously out of control and caused injury.

She was ordered to pay a £150 fine and £150 in compensation.

The dog has been ordered to be destroyed unless an appeal against the sentence is made within 21 days.

Kevin Hamilton, the mayor of Barrow and councillor for the Risedale Ward, praised the sentence as the ‘right decision’ to prevent other attacks.

He said: “How many times have you seen people mauled to death by dogs? Dog attacks need to be taken seriously.

“Once an animal has attacked a person once, it’s likely to do it again so it’s a case of protecting the public.

“Bull dogs are bred for fighting and are a particularly violent breed.”

Cllr Hamilton added: “If an owner can’t control their dog, they shouldn’t have one.

“This could have been a child or baby and been potentially very serious.”