WE asked the parliamentary candidates for Barrow and Furness what they think about Brexit:


PARLIAMENT has let down the people over Brexit. The Tories are too busy on behalf of billionaires to care about the damage this deal will do to families.
The referendum result of 2016 reflected a deep dissatisfaction with the political class, but you don’t then just take any old deal, knowing you and your family will get ripped off.
Look at the Tories’ three failures on Brexit. Cameron ran off. May could not get a deal approved by her own party. Johnson wants to con people into a sweetheart deal with Trump.
We’re in for chaos and side-deals if we sign up for this Conservative carve-up.
We need a customs union and alignment with the single market. We need workers’ rights, consumer rights and environmental protection. We need commitments on security arrangements which protect us from extremism.
Labour will negotiate this within the first six months of our government and put this to the British people, with remain as an option, to honour a informed decision. 
Then I’ll vote as Furness votes, like any MP should.
We’ve had enough, but not at any price.


I voted to leave the European Union in the referendum three years ago.

I also campaigned in the 2017 General Election on a manifesto to deliver the result of that referendum. As, for that matter, did every Labour candidate in the country.

After both results, we were told by MPs from all parties that they would respect the referendum result. But the last parliament simply did not allow that to happen. In fact, time and again, the only thing they demonstrated an ability for was kicking the can down the road.

To not respect the outcome of one of the largest representative exercises this country has ever held is both dangerous and anti-democratic. I have genuine concerns as to what would happen if that initial vote were overturned.

If I had been in Parliament I would have voted, time and again, to leave the EU, respecting the vote of the UK-wide referendum, and a clear majority of Furness voters. 

We need to deliver Brexit and move on. To my mind, that is the only way to bring the country back together and to focus on the issues that really matter to us all.

We cannot afford more delay.

If we can secure a Conservative majority - including a victory here in Barrow and Furness - then we can get the Prime Ministers’ deal passed in parliament and move forward. And then the opportunities of the future are all ours to seize.

Accountability will flow back to the UK. Our future will once again be in our hands - rising and falling on our own ingenuity and dynamism, rather than within the framework of one-size-fits-28 rules and regulations.

Brexit is a great opportunity for us to shape our own future. With control over our borders and laws, and a close relationship with our friends in Europe, the opportunities are endless.


The Green Party are the only party that stand for a People’s Vote as the only just way for the country to make a decision about Brexit. 

This would give everyone the choice between a Brexit deal in which the terms of our departure would be clear to all. 

The Green Party would campaign to remain in this vote. 

Whilst many things about the EU are not perfect we believe we stand better together with our neighbours and allies against the challenges of the future. 

By remaining we have a seat at the table and so influence to make changes and opportunities to work together for a sustainable and just future.


In 2016 we responded with unprecedented numbers to vote in the referendum.

We voted in good faith that our vote would count, that we would be heard and that we could decide the direction this great nation would take. It was a vote to be the subjects of our own collective destiny, or so we thought.

Instead, we have been faced by refusal on behalf of the political class to enact on the decision of the people.

Before the referendum people debated the pros and cons of staying in the EU and against the advice of the establishment 17.4 million people chose to leave. In the last three years, we have been told we didn’t know what we were voting for.

Well I certainly did. 

Year-on-year the EU extorted hefty membership fees.

Now, the political class have the country fixated by the need for a deal but how can we negotiate with a club that needs our contribution.

They don’t want us to leave and don’t want anyone else to follow our lead.

With this hand of cards against us, any deal is always going to be a bad deal for Britain.