THE MAIL readers are reacting to data which was published by Friends of the Earth which shows that Barrow-in-Furness is one of the areas with the lowest tree coverage per square hectare in the country.

Angela Butcher said: "Could they plant some along the A590 Lindal to Dalton to deaden the traffic noise they should have planted them when the bypass was built but they ran out of money. It would make life for Lindal residents so much more pleasant as well as deadening the noise, it would help with air pollution."

Lisa Ritch said: "Statistically Barrow has had a lot of area redeveloped, large area's which weren't touched for good reasons - these areas could have been great for those trees."

Darren Clarke said: "So where do they think all these trees should be planted. Its not exactly blessed with big open spaces..."

Les Hall said: "We should plant thousands of them on Biggar Bank down towards Thorny."

Ange O'Halloran said: "If trees could give us free wifi they'd be everywhere!"

Joan Stewart said: "Lots of Barrow is not good for tree growing, too windy and sandy soil."

Phil Hunter said: "The woodland trust who planted How Tun woods are offering free trees to community groups such as schools. worth checking the website."

Noel Armstrong-Wade said: "You can make statistics say anything. Obviously trees are rare in the terraced streets but 1 or 2 miles out and they are everywhere. You don’t even have to travel as far as Dalton to feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by greenery."

David Johnson said: "What about all the old massive ones scattered about being strangled by invasive ivy? No budget?"

Tony Moon said: "Three missing trees on Risedale Road outside Coral Bookmakers."

Keith Murray said: "That's because we keep chopping them down to build houses"