CUSTOMER care, fair prices, and ease of access is what has been the key factor in this business winning The Mail’s Trader of the Week.

Second Chance is aptly named as it is a second hand shop that buys and sells products in Barrow.

Based on Crellin Street, the business has been going just under 11 years.

It was previously based on Cavendish Street when they started trading in 2008, but moved into their current residence after five and-a-half years.

They sell a whole range of products for the shopper including jewellery, but they mainly deal with electricals such as phones and televisions, as well as white appliances such as washing machines.

The shop is run by couple Jeffrey Jay, 58, and Lynn Perry, 59.

Both from Barrow, Jeff deals with the hands on side of things such as the deliveries and moving of stock whereas Lynn is on sales and is known for her unique style of selling.

Jeff said: “Receiving this award has been overwhelming even if it is a bit cliché to say.

“It is a real pat on the back for us and our business.

“Every day is different in this job, you are always on your toes.

“We genuinely enjoy the job we do, the challenges we face, as well as dealing and interacting with customers.

“We have good repeat customers who come in to browse what we have regularly.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a million pound business, you need good customers like this, and that is it.

“I had a nine-to-five job working as a labourer for the council previously, so coming into a position of responsibility was quite strange for me. If there is a problem, we have to deal with it.

“We sell a whole range of items, and we have plenty of televisions in stock at the moment.

“We also offer free delivery to local customers.

“Our style is friendly and approachable, and our customers are free to roam around to see what they like.

“We are happy at the moment and looking forward to the Christmas rush this year.”

Trader of the Week is a regular feature for The Mail and was created to promote great local business for their outstanding contribution to their area.

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