THE next generation of scientists and engineers have been rewarded for their hard work.

The Barrow and District Association of Engineers handed out prizes to pupils and students at their annual bursary awards evening.

Bursary coordinator Denis Lidstone explained the bursaries and the association's engineering and design technology competition aim to raise the visibility of the 'excellent STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) work in schools'.

The Furness College Craft Engineering bursary was awarded to Jake Healey and the Furness College Technical Engineering bursary to Rodney Odondi while student bursaries were awarded to Marcus Salisbury from Barrow Sixth Form, Thomas Clayton from Millom School and Emillie Tyson from UVHS.

The 'best of the best' prize went to Thomas Clayton, an engineering scholarship was awarded to Dilna Byju Frances who is studying chemical engineering at Manchester University,

The winner of the engineering and design technology competition was Dowdales with UVHS as runner-up.