Your stars with Russell Grant

Aries (Mar21/Apr20) Your powerful charisma is obvious to everyone. Use it to promote your agenda. This is a wonderful time to make a business proposal, request a loan, apply to university or audition for a job. Despite intense competition, you will stand apart from the crowd. You’re extremely sensitive now. It’s important to listen to your intuition, especially when it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. When you obey your feelings, you’ll have tremendous breakthroughs and experience fabulous luck. Going against your instincts will backfire.

Taurus (Apr21/May21) Your business or romantic partner will have wonderful news. Their increased financial fortune will spill over into your bank account. Now you’re earning more money, you will be able to enjoy some creature comforts that were previously out of reach. Sensitive, artistic people gravitate towards you. Your social circle is beginning to change. Instead of associating with practical individuals, you prefer the company of visionaries. Together, you can create some beautiful artwork. If someone offers to teach you a technique, accept with a happy heart.

Gemini (May22/Jun21) People welcome your contributions to a discussion at work. Certain colleagues are making emotional arguments that will not increase productivity, efficiency or profits. You have suggestions that will earn lots of money while improving morale. It’s clear your methods are best. Adopting a spiritual approach to your career is wise. You aren’t the type to take a job simply for money. There must be an uplifting aspect to your duties. Working for a cultural, spiritual or artistic institution will suit you down to the ground.

Cancer (Jun22/Jul23) A strong desire for luxury goods should not be denied. You work hard for your money. There’s nothing wrong with spending it on things that give you profound pleasure. Splash out on clothes, jewellery, artwork, furniture or anything else that brings joy. You have the capacity to be an excellent teacher or counsellor. If someone asks you to take an advisory role at an organisation, you should accept. You’ll find this work rewarding and discover many hidden talents.

Leo (Jul24/Aug23) Being in a committed romantic relationship brings out the best in you. Having a channel for your loving spirit fills you with contentment. You spend much of your time thinking of ways to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Money from a creative venture is pouring into your bank account. Use this windfall to buy something extravagant. Leading a glamorous life is as natural as breathing to you. When given a choice between buying an appliance or a fabulous outfit, you’ll always obey your inner movie star.

Virgo (Aug24/Sep23) You’ve always been a fast learner. If your boss offers to send you to a training course, accept. The skills you acquire from these sessions will greatly improve your professional prospects. Instead of taking whatever assignments you can get, you’ll have your choice of jobs. Falling in love with someone who has the same goals is empowering. Whenever your determination falters, your amour will be there to bolster your confidence. Together, you can move mountains. If you’re on your own, you’ll meet someone special at a spiritual gathering.

Libra (Sep24/Oct23) Use your powers of persuasion to land a lucrative job. You’ve been blessed with tremendous artistic talent. Getting paid to bring beauty into the world will fill you with pride. You’ll quickly gain fame for the superior quality of your work. If you’ve been suffering from a mysterious ache or pain, try an alternative healing therapy. Acupressure, aromatherapy or Reiki will bring tremendous relief. Put your scepticism aside for the sake of feeling better. Nothing is more important than enjoying vibrant health.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22) Your will is strong. Apply it towards something you deeply desire, whether it’s a dream job, passionate romance or creative project. Obstacles that were once in your way will vanish into thin air. The stars have aligned for you; take advantage of this golden opportunity. A romantic relationship has assumed a fairy tale quality. Being with your amour makes your creative juices flow. Take this opportunity to finish a writing, music or design project that you abandoned long ago.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21) Spending time alone is restful. It’s a relief to escape a needy relative who always needs rescuing. The sooner you put an end to this dynamic, the happier you will be. Tell your family member you have faith that they’ll solve their own problems. Working on a creative project will be lots of fun. When things don’t work out in your real life, you can always create a happy ending with your fictional efforts. Your work is delightfully funny and can be easily published.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20) A witty conversation at a social occasion will pave the way to an influential friendship. The most recent addition to your social circle will inspire you to become more optimistic. The power of positivity will make you more attractive to love and money. You’re conscious of having a happy home life. By showing gratitude for this blessing every day, your domestic contentment will grow. Don’t be surprised when you find a dream house for a price you can easily afford.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19) You have an alert mind and are very eager to study anything that will advance your career. Learning how to operate accounting software will greatly improve your professional prospects. Courses involving medicine or research can also make you more employable. Working for a government agency will bring you the financial stability you desire. It will be such a relief to earn a steady income, along with significant benefits. Rather than worrying about being downsized, you can pour your emotional energy into creative pursuits.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) Going on a long trip fills you with excitement. You’ll enjoy visiting a country that has deep spiritual meaning. Experiencing a different pace of life will prompt you to make some important changes. You’ll devote more time to art and less to social media. Realising your dreams is a matter of releasing all resistance. Whenever you conceive of something you want, give yourself over to the idea of possessing it. Simply assume that what you desire is on its way to you.