A RETIRED nurse was left ‘shaken up’ and ‘angry’ after slipping on dog muck just months after undergoing major surgery.

Kath Walsh called for something to be done about the 'hazardous' issue Barrow which has been getting worse for a while.

The mum was walking down Whinlatter Drive in the town when she lost her balance after slipping on a dog faeces.

Ms Walsh was forced to hold onto a wall to regain her balance and stop herself from landing on the pavement.

The incident was particularly ‘nerve-wracking’ for Ms Walsh as she has just undergone hip replacement surgery just seven months ago.

Ms Walsh said: “I was quite shook up after it happened then angry as to why an owner would leave their dog's waste on the pavement.

“My first thought was my hip.

“If I’d gone down, I could have caused a serious injury and most likely have to go back into surgery.

“This could have been potentially quite serious.”

Ms Walsh, who lives on Whinlatter Drive said dog-fouling has been an ongoing issue on the street for years.

“It’s been a problem round this area for years,” she said.

“A few years ago, I saw an owner leave their dog faeces on the pavement and I actually took it to their door in a shovel.

“It’s definitely got worse round here recently.

“And the street is full of hazards as it is due to all the roadworks going on.

“Something needs to be done about this problem.

“I almost slipped and caused a major injury so someone else could too,” she said.

“I think harsher fines should be put in place for people that are caught.

“The sooner they catch them the better.”

Ms Walsh's calls for harsher penalties for those caught failing to clean up dog mess has been echoed by Cllr Alan Pemberton.

The Barrow Borough Councillor for Hawcoat, said prosecution could be the answer for serial dog-foulers.

He said: “I’m all for harsher penalties for culprits. It is a problem in the town which we need to address."