A MAN has completed a duathlon across Europe to help raise funds for a cancer charity.

Liam Walker was inspired to undertake this huge journey from Morocco to Portsmouth after learning his 83-year-old grandfather Brian Jinks has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Liam and his Ultimate Challenge Series teammate Andy McGee set up a justgiving page to raise the money which will go towards a cancer charity in Barrow as well as Cash for Kids which is a charity for underprivileged children and helps social mobility. The total money raised so far is £695.

Liam completed the duathlon in October but continues to look for more money raising opportunities where he hopes to support charities local to Barrow.

The 30-year-old is originally from Barrow and attended the University of Cumbria studying coaching and sports performance.

Lives and works in Sheffield fro the accommodation and commercial services team at the University of Sheffield.

Liam Walker, said: "My Grandad Brian has cancer and unfortunately it is terminal.

"He has recently been told he has days to live.

"He bravely continues to embrace life, still having the wonderful smile on his face.

"He has also had a rough few years, hip replacement, kidney replacement and my Nanna was left needing a new hip and suffered fractures last December from getting hit by a cyclist with no lights on, on a dark road and hasn’t ever really recovered, and know this news has obviously affected her and the family.

"This is where I got thinking and thought of fundraising challenges and #TeamBrian seemed the most appropriate banner to use for the challenges.

"After all the challenges I will do, compare nothing to the evils and pain of cancer.

"I naturally want us as a society to cure cancer, but also help those suffering from it. Therefore, all charitable money will go to cancer charities and those who aid life for terminal illness.

"For this, I knew I’d have to go well beyond my capabilities.

"I might be a half decent athlete, but have never dared to go beyond Half Marathon or half Ironman! I have ran marathon distance once and have cycled above 150km five times in my life, and it has definitely taken a lot out of my body on each occasion.