A WOMAN with a rare condition that effects just one in a million people is at the centre of fundraising campaign.

Joanne Darby suffers from Central Nervous System Vasculitis which has left her paralysed in one foot.

After being forced to move from their well-adapted home in Nelson Street, Barrow to Bath Street, Barrow the family are fundraising to pay for home adaptations and for an electric wheelchair to navigate her new home.

The mum-of-four, who is married to husband Chris, and was previously a ward clerk at Furness General Hospital began feeling unwell in April last year.

The 41-year-old was admitted to hospital for a pain management plan, but four days later, her lungs collapsed and she was placed into intensive care.

On three occasions, Chris was told to tell their children that Joanne might not make it home.

Mrs Darby said: “I was told I was unconscious for three days and when I woke up I was paralysed from the head down. The only way I could communicate was by blinking.”

Mrs Darby is now in a wheelchair, paralysed in her left foot and needs full-time care, she also faces up to eight non-epileptic fits per day.

The family had to relocate from their well-adapted home in Nelson Street, to move to Bath Street after being served an eviction notice in August while she was in hospital.

Janine Postlethwaite, a long-time friend who has set up a second GoFundMe page to help Joanne and her family, said: “I set up a GoFundMe page last year which raised £1,000 and I’ve set up another one for an electric wheelchair to help her around her new house.

“The current fundraising page has reached £660 since I set it up two weeks ago.” Visit: www.gofundme.com/f/the-darby039s-story-part2