Local residents, businesses and visitors are being invited to have their say on a future strategy for managing Cumbria’s coastline.

The strategy will set out the risks relating to coastal flooding and erosion along the Cumbrian coastline over the next century and recommend long term sustainable solutions.

Cumbria County Council is working with the Cumbria Coast Protection Authorities and the Environment Agency to develop a strategy for the future management of the coast. The project is being funded by the Environment Agency.

Specific stretches of coastline were identified as requiring more attention and a public engagement on possible options was held in November and December 2018.

Comments and feedback have been taken into account and, after considering technical, economic and environmental factors, the council is proposing a preferred strategic approach and future activities for each coastal frontage. The county council has launched a further round of consultation until December 13. Visit www.cumbria.gov.uk/ccs