THE Mail readers have reacted to plans to build a Muslim prayer centre and community hall in Dalton. Negative reactions have been condemned by Dalton South Councillor Shaun Blezard who said: “In Dalton we have a close community that look out for each other and a few people spouting hate does not reflect the views of most of the residents of Dalton and the wider Furness area.”

Therese Assouad said: “Yes we need to promote diversity and also respect the Muslim Community who contribute so much to the welfare of all of us through their work in the NHS locally and nationally.”

Janet Bury said: “I am not a believer but everyone has a right to worship if that’s their thing. We haven’t got many Mormon’s in the area yet they have a temple and no one seemed to object to that.”

Sylvia Stoker said: “Not the right place as I have said before. The road is dangerous. The area is designated for industrial use i.e. employment for Dalton. Will it comply if passed with all the visual building instructions from the council that we have all had to adhere to? Looking at the plans nothing is answered about how it will look.”

Jonny Swift said: “Well said. We should welcome and promote diversity in the area.”

Hermes10 said: “At the moment its at the planning consultation phase so if you have a good argument for not wanting it there you can have your say. You can make a comment, as I have done. But there are a lot of things you cannot say. BBC Planning Hub B13/2019/0763 Enjoy.”

Jonny Swift said: “I am an atheist, not religious in the slightest and personally think it often creates more division. Main religions do not welcome things like homosexuality and have very conservative views which i disagree with. BUT at the same time I hold the belief that people should be free to worship any god or religion they wish to without discrimination as long as the are not bringing harm to others.”