A CAT from Barrow who went missing after watching his owner pack a suitcase has returned home.

Wesley, or Wez, went missing on November 7 from his home on Spruce Rise, Holbeck, and he was found four days later after his owner drove past their old home on Marylands Avenue.

Justine Johnson Cooke, Wesley’s owner who works in network marketing, said: “I go away quite often with my job and nine out of 10 times that I’ve been away he’s done a disappearing act.

“He sees me get my suitcase out, sits in it while I pack and then pretty much packs his bags and goes off himself.

“I got home on Sunday night and he still wasn’t back so Monday I thought I’d have a drive to our old house just in case.

"I know cats can travel for miles but Wesley really is a cat of a different kind."